February 8, 2013 – 9am

There is a massive snow storm today. I’ve finished painting, sanding and spackling most of the studio. There is one wall left. Its already taped off, just need to remove the massive nails and curtain rods and we’re ready to go. Fixing the nail homes should only take about an hour in drying time. Once this is done we will be onto shelving and organizing (Theresa’s job). Here’s a little tidbit – she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES organizing. Theresa is the friend you call over to alphabetize your DVD’s or CD’s in exchange for dinner and beer… she’ll be like a kid in a candy store amongst your mess. I’m totally serious.

Off to get working!

2 pm

Damn these cement nails!!!!!

wall1 wall2

There is no way the hardware store is open – I need mesh and more plaster for this guy! UGH!!!!! Cement nails REALLY??!!! Where did she find these contractors!? Now what the heck will I do with the rest of my snowy day?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but the new studio is located just 2 blocks from the village of East Northport; and just 2 blocks from The Lark. All taps are $4 from 3pm – 7pm. So here is where I will sit – hair full of snow.

8pm – Narnia -My front yard.






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