March 7, 2013

We had a few friends over for dinner tonight. A bunch of us all in the creative fields, advertising, photography, event planning, drafting, writing, etc. Another snow storm was approaching so why the heck not.  One of our friends, Chris, came over with a few bottles of the new Absolut Fusion Tune.  It’s a new Absolut that mixes Vodka and Sparkling wine. It was about 8pm and we had several different types of juices on hand so we did a bit of a sampling. What we came up with was absolutely AMAZING! It was named that night by Joseph – “This is… its… its… why, it’s a MANmosa!” That was it, we were floored and on a roll! MANmosa?! The end of the night produced a video, which I hope to make into a commercial and the following poster (the recipe for MANmosa included in the design). Shot and designed by yours truly, Carrie-Anne Gonzalez; all in all a Carrie Weston Studios Collaboration.

MANmosaIt really made me realize how much I love and miss Commercial Photography. So if any one needs some product photography, give us a buzz!


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