Why Not Photograph Your Alter Ego?

Halloween is a favorite for most people and I don’t think it’s because they enjoy the sugar rush and influx of chocolate (although that is an awesome perk). I think it’s because of everyone’s desire to embrace their alter ego…their darker half…their lighter half…their opposite.

I’ve been Pikachu, Captain Hook, a nerd (that is definitely far from my opposite…Lord of the Rings and Star Wars for life!), a goth, Cleopatra and the list goes on. The best part of dressing up, as a girl at least, is caking on way more make-up than you’d ever wear, doing your hair or sporting a wig that completely alters your look and trying to be as beautiful or bizarre as humanly possible.

I’m thinking…a great idea would be a Halloween Boudoir-Style photo shoot. My rationale is, you get to dress up and look amazing and capture it on film. I personally think I may take Carrie up on this and create a calendar for the man at home (you can obviously tell he doesn’t read this blog) as a Christmas gift. Twelve different “Theresa’s” for every month of the year…just food for thought…which is why I included the unnecessary photo collage of my various costumes below.

Whether it’s a gift for someone or yourself, a boudoir/portraiture shoot is always a win…who doesn’t love dressing up?

Keep your eyes open for our Groupon special, coming out over the next week or so. Also, if you comment on this blog post, come down to the Studio and receive up to 15% off printing.

 Theresa Weston Halloween Montage

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