A Refreshing Return to Art

The air is cleaner, the bugs are bigger, the gas is cheaper. I recently engaged in some of the hardest and most stressful things a person can do: moving and starting a new job.

Peace out New York.

My favorite thing about New York (excluding my friends and entire family of course), is the food. The amazing, diverse, high quality, amazing food. But aside from that…I miss nothing. My 30 mile commute here in Richmond is exactly 30 minutes. Compared to my previous 45 minute commute to go 12 miles on the Long Island Expressway, i couldn’t be happier.

Beer is cheaper. People say hello. The biscuits are amazing. It’s funny though, you can take me and Justin out of New York but it’s true—the New York remains in us. Cut me off? You’re still getting a middle finger out of my sunroof. Long lines because the cashier is chatting with the person online? I’m boiling with rage.

But all that being said, I’ve recently picked up a magazine….Southern Bride. Not because I’m interested in becoming a southern bride (yes, it gave Justin a heart attack!!!) but because I wanted to compare the publications from New York to Virginia. The articles were different, and the photography style was different…but of course the structure remains the same.

What does this mean for the studio? It means we’re expanding. It means we travel more, laugh more and I’m a lot less cranky! It means that we’re going to build a new market, one where the market isn’t as saturated and we can take our talents south and continue to thrive and expand in New York.

What does this mean for Carrie and I? More skype calls, road trips and lengthy emails.

What does this mean for me?

Peaceful nights, a positive attitude, a happy heart….

And a refreshed creative outlook on the world.


I truly forgot how much I missed art.

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