I Discovered the Laundromat…Where is your Creative Haven?

Most people dread doing their laundry…I personally get super excited when the clothes pile up. This means that I get to pack a bag and head to the Laundromat—which probably sounds really strange, but within the confines of benched seats and screaming children, I’ve managed to find my creative haven.

After dragging two large bags into the trunk of my car, I grab my notebook, a crossword book, my iPod and some snacks and I’m out the door. Once the wash is in and running, I find a prime seat, tune into whatever music I’m into that day, and start writing. With the TV blaring in another language, children racing around throwing balls and playing tag, the temperature always being horridly uncomfortable and the overall noise of the Laundromat—I somehow find solace.

When you think about it, how many days do we spend too many hours at the office or too long working on a project that undoubtedly could have waited until tomorrow? It’s hard enough to schedule cooking dinner, exercise and a shower into our routines, nevertheless finding the time to sit and write a story (as she was running down the street, hands seemed to be coming up from the earth itself, as if escaping from some underground world…hey, it’s in the works).

Though I don’t have the option, for many it’s easier to toss the dirty clothes into the washer as you’re cooking dinner or vacuuming; however, there is something to be said about forced creative time.   Every week I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing, I hardly realize my wash is ready to be loaded into the dryer.


Science has proved that creativity can come at the most unexpected times: when you’re drunk, when you’re groggy, when you’re on an organized schedule…I’ve discovered that after an exhausting day at the office, my inner genius takes place at the loud, drafty laundromat down the road.